A decade into producing responsible interior schemes at JS+P, Founder and Director Jasper Sanders sat down with Material Source as part of their editorial focus on sustainability.

24 Winter  |  Press  |  Jasper Sanders

Hedonistic sustainability is where you can save the planet and still have a good time. We call this Total Design; 10 Principles of Good Design.

23 Autumn  |  Ethos  |  Jasper Sanders

Jasper Sanders + Partners new Creative Director, Rebecca Finney on Total Design, function before form and why more is more.

23 Autumn  |  Press  |  Jasper Sanders

Interior Designer Nathalie Kenning delivers a captivating key note presentation for Liverpool John Moores University.

23 Autumn  |  Studio  |  Nathalie Kenning

Issue 228 of Mix features Studio Designer Rebecca Finney who has been recognised as one of the industry’s greatest design leaders under the age of 30 in 2023.

23 Autumn  |  Press  |  Rebecca Finney

The Function of Colour | As a studio we’re thinking more carefully about our rules around colour, in order we can articulate our philosophy as proficiently as we do space.

23 Summer  |  Research  |  Jasper Sanders

Workshops of Innovation | How does food, fashion, and landscapes inform our intelligence for design?

23 Summer  |  Research  |  Various Authors

JS+P x Ultra Fabrics: Poetry of Colour. Founder and Director Jasper Sanders and Studio Designer, Rebecca Finney, discuss how the studio approaches colour in their designs.

22 Spring  |  Press  |  Jasper Sanders