The Function of Colour

‘Space is the ultimate luxury.’ We place great emphasis upon this notion to activate and bring efficiency, purpose and wellbeing to buildings. We fully understand our rule book when it comes to space; how we compose and zone activity. How can we use colour to add character and identity? What is the Function of Colour? 23 Summer  |  Research  |  Jasper Sanders

Workshops of Innovation | Colour

Through a series of sub-topics, the studio explores the notion of colour and how this is conveyed within architecture and interiors. How does food, fashion, and landscapes inform our intelligence for design? The exploration of these subjects aims to challenge our creative thinking, endorse our design philosophies, and influence future innovations. 23 Summer  |  Research  |  Various Authors

The ‘Less is More’ approach

Industrial designer, Dieter Rams established himself as one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. With a name strongly associated with Braun for which he had been working for over 40 years, Rams defined a product language so clearly based on what it can and should do. We explore the fundamental understanding of this design ethos and how we endeavor to work with this approach. 23 Spring  |  Research  |  Rebecca Finney