Jasper Sanders

Founder | Director

Recognised as an influential industry figure with decades of experience in architecture and design, Jasper is the driving force of the studio. His knowledge of creating place for people is the foundation of everything we do.

Rebecca Finney

Creative Director

Focused on delivering the studio’s creative direction and brand, Rebecca’s conceptually strong, multi-disciplined approach embodies the passion she has for making life better through intelligent, purposeful design.

Charlotte Ames

Technical Designer | Head of Sustainability

Offering a high-level approach to detailing, and disciplined expertise to projects, Charlotte’s technical proficiency guarantees schemes are intricately detailed to an outstanding level, with a key focus on tangible experiences.

Nathalie Kenning

Mid-Weight Interior Designer

Delivering aspirational design which positively impacts society, Nathalie’s design intuition guarantees schemes are socially and environmentally attuned. Her authentic approach guides long-term success for our clients.

Joey Liu

Interior Designer

With the desire and insatiable thirst to problem solve, Joey’s balanced approach to design combines original, yet practical initiatives. Architecturally trained, her design values are considered, honest and inspirational.

Jessica Fairhurst

Brand Strategist

By establishing a holistically driven brand identity for schemes, Jessica’s strategic approach ensures tailor-made, inspired places. Her artistic delivery enables a strong sense of place, guaranteeing unforgettable experiences.

Rachel Sanders

Studio Director

With vast experience as client-liaison throughout her career, Rachel understands the importance of harnessing real working relationships. Her attention to detail means the care of our clients and the JS+P team are at the forefront of everything she does.