Jasper Sanders

Founder | Director

As design director Jasper is the driving force of the studio. With a long and illustrious career in architecture and design, his wealth of experience in creating places people love is the cornerstone of everything we do. We especially appreciate Jasper’s emphatic character and mentorship skills; a visible testament to the studio culture established.

Rebecca Finney

Creative Director

As lead designer Rebecca plays a crucial role in the creative direction of the studio. While working collaboratively, Rebecca’s perfectionism combined with her conceptually strong ideas embody the passion she has for making life better through purposeful design. We particularly love Rebecca’s buoyant energy and ‘heart on sleeve’ mentality, a reflection of the studio’s reputability.

Charlotte Ames

Technical Designer | Head of Sustainability

As a detailed orientated designer, Charlotte offers a high-level of methodical proficiency to projects. Her experience in furniture manufacturing ensures schemes are detailed to an outstanding level, with functionality and aesthetics at the forefront of each stage. We especially appreciate Charlotte’s kind and composed nature which brings a sense of logic and harmony to the team.

Nathalie Kenning

Interior Designer

A socially and environmentally minded designer, Nathalie’s insight guarantees our projects remain current, and deliver positive impacts upon society. Her in-depth understanding of colour theory, texture profiles and materiality ensures projects are both visually striking yet sustainable. We particularly love Nathalie’s warm-hearted and personable character in the studio.

Jessica Fairhurst

Brand Strategist

With a sharp eye for illustration and animation, Jessica’s expertise in graphic design and creative delivery assures design authenticity. Her experience within product development ensures our vision is tailored to our client’s requirements, and importantly establishes a sense of place through positive and memorable experiences. We love Jessica’s driven personality combined with her unique creative flair.

Rachel Sanders

Studio Director

With her design roots firmly in graphic design and management, Rachel’s vast experience ensures she understands the industry inside-out. Rachel is focused on real working relationships, with the JS+P team being a fundamental focus in everything she does. We particularly appreciate Rachel’s calm and level-headed character, and her approach to problem-solving and decision-making.