Understanding the relationship between people and place is vital to creating successful spaces that enrich the lives of those that experience them. This is what we do.


The need for sustainable design and why we are adopting a ‘less is more’ ethos.

Industrial designer, Dieter Rams established himself as one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. With a name strongly associated with Braun for which he had been working for over 40 years, Rams defined a product language so clearly based on what it can and should do. We explore the fundamental understanding of this design ethos and how we work with this approach for a more sustainable future in design.

Bagot Street


10 Years of student living.

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The break into abstraction; a pioneering artist inspiring the way we think.

‘Abstract in White, Green, Black, Blue, Red, Grey and Pink’ is a piece consisting of an asymmetrical composition of arranged blocks intersecting a Perspex sheet by one of Britain’s most notable abstract artists, Victor Pasmore. Through combining concept ideas of growth and abstract harmony, Pasmore built work which created a sense of methodical organisation through three dimensional compositional arrangements. Inspired by this work, the studio worked behind the scenes using similar techniques to arrange and compose spatial arrangement for a showroom scheme based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.


Phase 02 at ONE Portland Street.

Sitting on the former site of a lunatic asylum, ONE Portland Street is a building with two very different personalities at each entrance point. JS+P were invited back to design phase 02 of the works after a successful first phase completion.


Visual stimulus with a focus on wellbeing.

Colour is a visual stimulus that we can use to portray a particular mood or message to guide people on how to use a certain space. Currently there is a focus on wellbeing and with spaces becoming more multifunctional, becoming heavily saturated with digital screens and light polluting technology, we are taking an approach to bring the outside in. Involving architecture, natural tones and textured materials, here is how we approach current interior design projects.


The modular approach; bespoke solutions we have adopted.

Over the last five years the studio has been developing modular furniture solutions as part of an increasing need for bespoke, tailored design for the student market and residential sector. More recently they have developed a furniture collection for the Co-Living sector, with the aim to fit each furniture piece into various room sizes and configurations. The collection consists of a family of elements which can stack in multiple configurations.


10 Principles of Good Design

What is ‘good’ design? The studio outlines their 10 Principles of good design; the rules we follow to create successful, innovative schemes that people love. Our design ethos is embedded into every move we undertake and is the heart of everything we do. As a studio we are bound by our shared passion for good design and ensuring our clients are content throughout the process. See what we do.


Manchester International Office Centre completes on site.

Manchester International Office Centre, a prominent office building designed by Cruikshank and Seward, and awarded a RIBA Architecture Bronze Medal in 1955 has been restored by JS+P. The scheme’s lobby and meeting spaces are now open and approachable, with activated settings for business meetings or collaboration. The space is crafted and mature, celebrating the building’s landmark status architecturally, and as one of Manchester’s prime office locations.


In conversation with University of Portsmouth.

Our studio designer Rebecca Finney, was interviewed by Senior Lecturer Stephen Anderson of Portsmouth School of Architecture. The discussion was part of an in-depth programme of work Stephen had been putting together for final year students who are looking to kick-start their careers. Here’s what Rebecca had to say when asked about the culture, values and sector expertise at JS+P.