Hedonistic sustainability is where you can save the planet and still have a good time. We call this Total Design; 10 Principles of Good Design.

23 Autumn | Ethos | Jasper Sanders

To celebrate a decade of Jasper Sanders + Partners, Founder and Director Jasper Sanders reflects on the studio’s design philosophy of Total Design; 10 Principles of Good Design.

Strategic | Visionary interior design transcends aesthetics; it becomes pivotal to purpose to propel both individuals and enterprise. It inspires and motivates to attract people with commitment. Strategy drives commercial success and is crucial to the prosperity and wellbeing for all those experiencing it; it’s crucial for a more sustainable future.

What is good for people is great for business.

Optimised | Space alchemy lies in the quest for optimisation. Space is a precious commodity so we must strive to attain maximum utilisation through efficiency for high functioning architecture. This is achieved by minimising circulation and dead, low value space, whilst maximising high value high purpose space. This principle helps minimise our impact on the planet.

Space is the ultimate luxury.

Reduced | It is our ultimate responsibility to ensure we use the least to create the most. For everything we consume for design there is something in the world removed. Each product and material must resonate with meaning so we give more than we take. A reductive approach to design ensures minimal design with maximum results. We advocate maximalism.

Less is more, until less is not enough.

Experiential | The experience of space is life itself. If executed with integrity will bring pleasure, serve the soul, and enable life with a new dimension. Hyper experiential design makes architecture resonate. Purpose and function must be first determined, with materiality and finish carefully considered in equal measures to spark emotional change.

The quality of design is equal to the quality of life.

Sensory | Ambiance is attuned by harnessing sound, light, touch, smell, and taste. When spaces are immersive, they shape emotions and foster a connection through a captivating interplay of colour and texture. The aim is to evoke a near-synthetic experience within the environment.

Designing for the senses is indispensable.

Timeless | A world dominated by fashion and changing trends seem designed with built-in obsolescence. Let’s champion the concept of enduring utility and loose fit designs, not only to justify the resources and materials employed but also to pave the way for their use in future iterations.

Timeless design does not mean bland design.

Contextual | Good design embodies a fusion between architecture and environment, seamlessly connecting buildings inside-to-out. Buildings should have interiors rather than the mundane inside of the outside. We must craft authentic integrated space that are natural extensions of the building, avoiding the patchwork and transient nature to haphazard solutions.

Good design is inside out and people first.

Identifiable | Identity gives meaning to a place and tells the story of people, what they do and how they do it. It plays a crucial role in establishing personality and character tells people what language is being spoken. It differentiates products in a competitive market to attract and retain the targeted demographic. It assists in creating a sense of place with meaning and soul.

Design is intelligence made visible.

Playful | Environments should imbue the attributes of being vibrant, invigorating, and optimistic. Our guiding principle is to infuse spaces with a rich interplay of colour, tones, flavours, textures, graphics, and light fostering a vibe to impact upon our collective well-being. Relying solely on dull monochromatic shades such as grey, beige, and black fails to align with the positive and playful utopia we aspire to create.

Our mission is simple. Make life better.

Sustainable | Design is not humanistic if it’s not sustainable. All rules of good design are centred around creating a better future where our impact on the environment is minimised. We must endeavour to live how we expect others to live and be pioneers in our field to inspire other to follow towards a better future.

Good design transforms socially, economically, aesthetically, and environmentally.

23 Autumn  |  Ethos  |  Jasper Sanders