In conversation with University of Portsmouth.

One of our key mantras I stand by is ‘We believe what is good for people, is great for business’.

Rebecca Finney

JS+P’s Culture and Values

Jasper Sanders + Partners is an architecture and interior design studio based in Ancoats, Manchester.

We share space with an Architects Practice; this opportunity has allowed us to collaborate on a variety of projects, not just our own, with architects and technicians alike, and input our interior knowledge on various schemes, from concept through to completion.

As a studio, we primarily focus on student living, workplace and residential schemes, but are not limited to a sector of expertise. We’re currently also working on a boarding school and an Olympic Climbing wall. We are a dedicated team creating ‘places people love’, this is one of our core values and is embedded into every one of our schemes from initial concept.

One of our key mantras I stand by is ‘We believe what is good for people, is great for business’.


What is particular about working in your studio? You have a particular method of working with clients which is quite interesting.

At the core of our design ethos, we believe the function of a space is key to creating a tailored, well-rounded design which works effectively for the client and end-user. Overall aesthetics and materiality are essential in creating an environment suited to the site’s architectural context, developing a brand or creating a look and feel desired by our clients, however, we truly believe the look of a space comes secondary, once we have resolved the fundamental layouts, various settings and overall function of the scheme.

‘Our aim is to retain a high standard of design tailored specifically to the needs of our clients, and hopefully promotes a sense of motivation or inspiration to whoever experiences them once complete’.

What attracted you to JS+P as a designer? 

At the time, as a Junior Designer, I wanted to work at a practice which enabled me to challenge myself; a place for encouragement and growth, not only advantageous for me as an individual, but beneficial to the surrounding team.

From the website, the design ethos and values appealed to me and from further discussions with Jasper, I grew to understand we shared an understanding of design ethos and approach to creating good design.


Tell us a little about your work…

Jasper Sanders + Partners is unquestionably a blend of interior design and architecture-based work, with a focus on brand and design strategy. We are mainly appointed to work on the interiors of a scheme, but are frequently challenging architectural plans, internal layouts and surrounding contexts to ensure our schemes deliver the best experience for the end user and client.