Rolling Out the Red Carpet

We were commissioned by Savills to undertake a concept study to help their clients reimagine the customer experience for those using the cinema, bowling alley and restaurant complex at The Rock in Bury’s town centre.

With a cinema located on the 3rd floor of the shopping centre, the existing offer lacked vibrancy and variation in design across the entire customer journey, from street level all the way into the screens themselves. This was reinforced by disjointed branding, poor wayfinding and an interior design that was uninviting, lacklustre and cold.

We felt this was an opportunity to harness the excitement of the leisure and entertainment activities on offer and start the experience from the moment people arrived outside the front door. This was essential to not only draw people in from street level, but to keep them engaged as they made their way through the complex. The primary aim of the design was to encourage customers to extend their stay by visiting more than one activity on offer.

This was achieved by turning the experience into more of a cinematic journey by using darkness and coloured light to envelop the senses as people arrive. We applied this considered design approach across key elements such as lighting, branding, signage and wayfinding in a way that we knew would add to the sense of drama for visitors but also ease navigation across the various levels.

“We needed a concept for The Rock that could be turned around quickly without compromising on quality. Jasper’s team were perfect for the job, creating a well-considered interior design concept that we know would completely transform the customer experience.”

Sector Retail

Completion 2017

Client | Savills