The New Brand on the Block

Owned by M&G Real Estate, ONE Portland Street occupies a prime site in the heart of Manchester’s city centre. Despite its prominent location close to Piccadilly Station, the landlord acknowledged the asset wasn’t working as hard as it could do as a high-profile commercial address, for a number of challenging reasons.

Consequently, we were approached to help unlock the building’s potential at street level, to help improve the functional and aspirational nature of the product, as well as helping solve some of the more sensitive estate management issues.

It is anticipated by the client and agents that the repositioning of this building will attract the necessary tenants to the vacant space on the first floor, and increase its value. A once fairly invisible corner site has now been transformed into a landmark address. ONE Portland Street is a building with prominent brand identity, making this a new attraction for businesses in Manchester in an ever-increasingly crowded environment.

Faced with a number of serious challenges that were affecting our asset’s value, we’re confident the design Jasper Sanders + Partners have come up with will not only solve some difficult operation issues, but also drive greater interest from occupiers.

Sector | Workplace

Completion | 2019

Client | JLL | M&G Real Estate

One building, two personalities

Sitting on the former site of a lunatic asylum, ONE Portland Street is a building with two very different personalities with a split personality at each entrance point.

The pedestrian street entrance presents a confident and sophisticated business-like set of spaces. Its understated style is arranged around lines of symmetry, to create a calm and smart appearance. Contrasting monochrome tones of light and dark are set with acid yellow accents, smoky mirrored surfaces and neon signs which hint towards its gritty opposing character in the basement.

Below, the cycle-hub is darker, raw and edgy. This uncompromising space reflects the urban grit and insalubrious context sometimes surrounding ONE Portland Street, creating an unpredictable journey through the building. The combination of raw concrete, hyper-bold colours and stark lighting is purposefully hyper self-confident, with a nod to Manchester’s colourful history.

The design team were careful in material choices throughout project development. A conscious effort was made to ensure all materials have cradle to grave accreditation where possible or can be fully recycled. Additionally, plastics have been minimised, with natural materials used where possible.

Behind the Scenes