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New Bridewell, a brand new student living development in Bristol, had originally been designed with a collection of ground floor functions planned across two building volumes and linked with a connecting corridor. We understood that the success of these spaces and the scheme as a whole would rely on creating a joined-up destination experience at ground floor that appealed to the end user, and which ultimately contributed to a successful outcome for the investor and operator client team.

The students sat at the heart of our solution, meaning it was important each space was zoned to maximise and accommodate a variety of dynamic uses. The study lounge was designed around small groups, larger groups and places to concentrate, whilst the concept for the social lounge focussed on games, entertainment and relaxation.

A vibrant, functional and attractive student living destination where students can work, live and play in style.

Sector | Student Living

Completion | 2016

Client | Watkin Jones Homes

“JS+P really helped bring the spaces at New Bridewell to life with a well-considered solution that went far beyond our expectations.”

With these specific uses in mind, each setting was defined by lighting, patterned floor zones and spatially enclosed by vertical slatted timber screens. Glazed openings punctuate the generous circulation zones giving acoustic separation; whilst allowing people to see, and be seen. In this way, a total social destination is created, one which increases utilisation, interaction and an all-important sense of place for students.

The visual identity took cues from the external landscaping, including a sculpture by local artist Lilah Fowler, as well as drawing inspiration from Bristol born, Nobel prize winner, Paul Dirac, who established the most general theory of quantum mechanics.

New Bridewell can now boast a successful and inspirational interior environment that offers students in Bristol a vibrant, functional and attractive student destination where they can work, live and play in style.