A HQ for Hosting

We were approached by Manchester property developers Nikal to help transform the internal look and feel of their city centre HQ building Mynshull’s House. The client wanted to deliver a memorable experience for their clients and suppliers, one that matched the aspirational values of the company itself.

We began by undertaking an in-depth feasibility study of the Grade II listed property, which highlighted very clearly the architectural challenges we faced from a spatial point of view. This meant we had to work hard to reconfigure much of the space over its four floors to ensure the potential of the building was maximised for the owner occupier.

Taking inspiration from hospitality-focussed experiences, our interior designs eschewed finesse and class, incorporating a range of high specification finishes, as well as cutting edge technology, all of which reflected Nikal’s ambitious approach. This approach was applied across the building and included a new boardroom, reconfigured reception space, all alongside a completely transformed set of upper floors featuring new offices, meeting rooms and informal work settings that capitalised on underutilised common areas.

The result was a proposal that delivered a far more efficient use of space, as well as a reassuring blend of creativity and exclusivity in a hyper experiential environment that was designed to impress visitors and staff alike.

“With so many clients and suppliers visiting our HQ, the experience we offer is crucial to our reputation and business success. Whilst we knew its listed status would present challenges when it came to redefining how it worked for us, Jasper Sanders + Partners were able to unlock the full potential of the space in a way that really defined who are as a company.”

Sector | Workplace

Completion | 2017

Client | Nikal

Behind the Scenes