A Family of Furniture

JS+P developed an innovative modular furniture system which would suit various room sizes and configurations and budget constraints for student accommodation developer Gilltown. The collection consists of a family of elements which can stack both vertically and horizontally in multiple configurations to increase storage and add functionality, optimising each room type.

Through designing a collection that is inherently loose fit and modular, we have developed a product that can be rolled out on future developments, providing Gilltown with a cost effective solution to furnishing student bedrooms and removing the inefficiency of bespoke fitted furniture.

The subsequent range of furniture modules enabled the client to select pieces to make the best use of space. The concept would also enable architects to plan future buildings free from the constraints of fixed room types in order to maximise net internal areas. Each room shape wouldn’t need to be determined by furniture forms or prescribed furniture layouts; thus, maximising the potential yield from development opportunities.

The range of furniture components allowed Gilltown to pick and choose to make the best use of space, maximising net internal building areas for greater investment gains.

Sector | Student Living

Completion | 2016

Client | Gilltown, Fieldhouse Furniture