Weaving Luton into London

After witnessing the success and innovation of BDP’s modular apartment scheme “Abito” in Manchester, MBU Capital contacted us on the strength of our expertise and experience within the residential sector. They wanted to ensure that the internal design of their new Fusion development in Luton was as engaging and successful as possible for them as investor and for the home buyer.

We collaborated with project architect Geraghty Taylor and acted as creative consultant for the development. Working to a sensible budget, our scope of works comprised the entrance lobby, common areas, and fitness suite and cycle store at ground floor and the design of all of the apartment types. In order to do this successfully, we had to create a unifying concept to connect the various experiences together.

“Thank you JS+P for all of your hard work, we couldn’t have achieved these results without your efforts. MBU would certainly recommend you to any developer and would wish to work with you on future projects”.

Ali Al-Khateeb | Development Manager, MBU Capital

Sector | Residential

Completion | on-site

Client | MBU Capital (UK) LLP

Acknowledging that Luton is fast becoming a popular commuter town of London, we knew our solution had to appeal to those travelling in and out of the city, without losing sight of the Luton heritage that ultimately helped define it. We began by using the town’s rich hat and millenary past to develop a narrative that uses textured and patterned finishes, all informed by a mantra of ‘weaving Luton into London’.

We were also keen to ensure that buyers were going to get the most from their new home. Utilising adaptable fold-down furniture and through careful organisation of the internal spaces we have provided the option of adding additional functions to the bedroom spaces, empowering residents to live and work more flexibly. This combination of practical and great looking environments has enabled the client to market a unique residential development that naturally communicates a strong link between the town’s history and a dynamic forward-thinking future.