A Build-to-Rent Destination

For this residential project we put people at the centre of our thinking to create a place that enhances the experience for customers at a stunning build-to-rent scheme Frederick House in Bath.

Consisting of 97 high specification apartments, the newly acquired asset needed an amenity space to foster a sense of community and provide a key marketing offer. The space identified was detached from the residential accommodation in a discrete corner of a basement carpark. It was necessary to create a highly visible and vibrant destination demanding the attention of its residents.

With the key demographic for Frederick House being young professionals, we designed a high quality multifunctional environment that provides people with a fitness-suite and an all-important communal lounge area. Creating such spaces are fundamental to any build-to-rent scheme where the value of being able to grab a free coffee and get to know your neighbours should not be underestimated, helping encourage a community atmosphere and providing a focal point for social events.

“We were aware the basement space could work far harder in the context of a build-to-rent development. Fortunately, JS+P were able to unlock the true potential of the space for the benefit of our customers, all of whom enjoy the amenity it affords.”

Sector | Residential, Build-to-Rent

Completion | 2017

Client | M&G Real Estate, LIV Group

The fitness-suite was coupled along-side the lounge where the often harsh masculine nature of ‘the gym’ was softened to provide a calm place to work-out and welcome people of all abilities.

This addition to Frederick House has proved to be a great investment for our clients M&G Real Estate and LIV Group and the space provides a thriving focal point for all of the residents to enjoy.

Behind the Scenes