Canary Wharf of the North

The site at Exchange Quay is 435,000 square feet and is one of the largest office developments in the North West with more than 4,000 employees. JS+P were invited again by Till AM to enhance the entrance at Building 5, after the success and response to the work at Building 8 on the Exchange Quay site. The existing reception space needed to be re-energised, with purpose to enhance the occupier experience. This was about enlivening a centrally located office amenity into an effective and inviting social entrance point, with focus on employee’s daily habits and wellbeing in a post covid-19 world.

“Thoughtful details promote functionality, combining this with simplicity and an effective layout this space has been transformed from a redundant and impractical space into a place for employees, staff and visitors to work, rest and socialise.”

Sector | Workplace

Completion | 2021

Client | Till AM

Organised settings are combined with vibrancy, balancing warmth and functionality. The bold arrival space with statement electric blue panelling and reflective surfaces mimics the architectural language of the exterior and creates a cohesive visual journey upon entry, referencing the building’s nautical history.  JS+P introduced a new brand identity through San Serif typography, internally illuminated signage and glazed manifestations. The prominent FIVE centred to the internal portico acts as a beacon to outside, cementing building 5 with its own personality at Exchange Quay.

This was about transforming a once redundant space into a place of activity. Settings for socialising, collaboration, and relaxation were the focus for this entrance point, the planning of a newly composed lounge setting was centered to a retained moss wall and creates the ideal place for employers to meet outside the office. Opposite a concierge point sits neatly and is essential in providing a convivial arrival for employees post-covid. Designed with curved forms to avoid the appearance of obstruction, this acts as a flexible base for concierge staff to greet guests at busier points in the day. This opens the space as an inviting arrival destination, promoting social interactions for both staff and employees alike.

Behind the Scenes