A Focus on Wellbeing

Our aim from the beginning was to define Bridge House as a new benchmark for health and wellbeing in the student accommodation sector. We helped to create a proposition that students could relate to and feel comfortable within. This focus on people has meant increased occupancy levels for the client has been achieved.

From the outset, we were incredibly excited to meet their expectations with a solution that could become an exemplar within the industry. We achieved this by placing the student’s wellbeing firmly at the heart of our thinking and translating this into people focussed spaces across all aspects of the interior design.

By taking time to understand the often stressful readjustment of students leaving home for the first time to study, we took an innovative approach to how we designed the living accommodation. The solution enabled students to create a comfortable and homely environment, through customisation and adaptability according to their own lifestyle and personal tastes.

“Bridge House is a great option – the rooms are super modern and the residential team really friendly”.

Abigail | Post graduate

Sector | Student Living

Completion | 2016

Client | Watkin Jones Homes, Fresh Student Living

83% of residents surveyed in the National Student Housing Survey (NSHS) reported that the availability of communal space was very good or good – significantly higher than the national average (64%) and other benchmarked developments.

We designed the social and amenity spaces to exceed minimum space standards, meaning we could create spacious, open zones of activity all connected and with a cohesive identity and a sense of place.  Doing so resulted in the client being able to promote and manage a development that is friendly and welcoming and one with a sense of community where young people are now happy to call their home.