A Dynamic Move for Student Living

This new student living accommodation and amenity space is a dynamic addition to the existing campus at Bagot Street, Birmingham for Campus Living Villages. Our visual identity took inspiration from the proofing house which once occupied this site; it was here that the testing of firearms, manufactured in the surrounding Gun Quarter, took place. The shimmering façade treatment utilised colours from alloy metals historically used in gun manufacture. We took this one step further and considered the explosive motion, energy and light as fundamental characteristics of the testing process. Vivid coloured light batons, an arrow motif and patterns depicting direction and movement, layered with an iridescent metal alloy palette, create an animated, dynamic space ideal for young, enthusiastic and energetic student life.

Our visual identity took inspiration from the proofing house which once occupied this site; explosive motion, energy and light are fundamental characteristics of the testing process and this continues in our energetic design.

Sector | Student Living

Completion | 2018

Client | Watkin Jones

Strategically, we organised the ground floor amenity spaces to be highly connective and sequenced to travel from quiet to loud and low energy to high energy. Calm, quiet study and private meeting spaces lead into a large open plan area which contains sit down games or group study and lounge space. This is adjacent to louder games such as pool and table football with a bar stool seating zone next to the high energy gym at the opposite end of the space. Organising these differing activities together whilst still remaining open and visible encourages chance encounters and tackles isolation and loneliness for students during their studies by naturally increasing social interaction.

The architectural arrangement of the two new student living towers means that the main entrance acts as a transparent link between the two forms. We worked closely with the architect to ensure this became an animated, attractive and visually strong reception space. Exposing the structural frame and highlighting the raw concrete with coloured light and crisp, strong lines really focusses attention on the reception area from where first-class service can be delivered.