Micro-living Optimised

Working closely with developer ASK and Abito, BDP were appointed to design and deliver the optimum micro flat, a modular apartment living solution that met the needs of modern life; done so in a setting that helped reduce overall unit size and costs, without compromising the quality of life of those who lived there. The project exemplified how architectural expertise, interior design and a deep understanding of the end user must work together in perfect harmony.

With clear understanding of what the client wanted to achieve we set out  to design a modular ‘micro-flat’ conceived to provide low-cost housing. We knew we needed to challenge the status quo and, starting with a blank sheet of paper, designed the apartment module ‘from the inside out’. Whilst the apartment design was developed initially as a conceptual prototype, we then constructed a full-sized mock-up which was thoroughly tested by various focus groups to affirm its effectiveness and viability.

Sector Residential

Completion 2007

Client | Ask Property Development

Awards 35 National Awards including:

RIBA Award, Civic Trust Commendation, RICS Regional Award

Copyright | Project undertaken by BDP

“The pod itself is a feat of ingenuous engineering that incorporates all the appliances of a home.”

The Independent

The resulting apartment is just 32.6m² in size, with internal dimensions of 9.6m long x 3.4m wide x 3.2m high. The space is divided into three parts, comprising a living end and sleeping end, all connected around the crucial central pod that not only houses the internal utilities, but is designed in a way that allows the free flow of natural light around the loft style volume.

The subsequent success of the apartments at Abito proved the solution was perfect for both client and residents alike, delivering a footprint that reduced land costs as well as a fully flexible and adaptable living system perfect for city dwellers.

Behind the Scenes